Best radio intro I’ve ever had!

This weekend the very talented Judge the Poet was invited onto Colin Murray’s BBC 5Live Sports programme.. He can make a rhyme on the spot about anything… including my name!

Click here to hear his intro to my news bulletin..

Suffice to say.. Colin’s intro’s were pretty boring after that. However Andy Crane (as in ‘broom cupboard’) who was standing in for Stephen Nolan on Sunday wins the top prize for pronouncing my name correctly. He even does it with a Greek accent.. a true professional. However my all time favourite pronunciation is still..Skeeopi Tharlatos.

…In fact the only thing missing this weekend was Edd the Duck…


How Golden Dawn uses religion for political advantage..

Golden Dawn has flourished in the febrile political climate in Greece. Poll ratings have risen significantly since it won 18 seats in parliament.

Recently 9 Bishops of the Greek orthodox church put out a statement rejecting the idea of any overlap between Christian teaching and the party’s agenda, but other bishops seem to show support for the group, as I explain to Edward Stourton on BBC Radio 4:

Listen here…

“…One day you wake up and you have a Junta”

Laertis Vassileou, Theatre director: “Today it might be a theatrical performance, tomorrow a book, day after that a song…”

This week in Athens, the director, producer and actors involved in the play Corpus Christi, which depicts Jesus Christ and his apostles as gay, have been charged with blasphemy. Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus lodged the lawsuit..

I spoke to Laertis Vassileou just after he heard the news and he likened Greece today with Greece under a military dictatorship.

Listen here…

“The church has NOTHING to do with Golden Dawn”

Church: “Golden Dawn and its practices insult people.. People in need”

As the bishop of Piraeus is seen accompanying Golden MPs to file a lawsuit against those involved in what he believes to be a “blasphemous” performance, I ask the spokesperson for Archbishop Ieronymos (head of Greek Church) what the church’s united stance is when it comes to the far right party and its policies.

Listen to Harris Konidaris here…