Our documentary trailer: Love in the Time of Crisis

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Love in the Time of Crisis is a documentary about the impact of the Greek financial crisis on love, sex and family life. The film, shot in Athens and Crete, during 2013, documents the lives of young women, couples, people forced into sex work by poverty – and the politicisation of porn.

It explores the unseen effects of the economic crisis on dating, flirting, marriage, childbirth and family life.

With further social upheaval predicted following the election results in May 2014, Love in the Time of Crisis offers a unique and vibrant insight into ordinary people’s responses to Europe’s biggest social catastrophe – beyond the riots and poverty that have been prominent in daily news coverage.

Meet the adults who are forced to live as teenagers, the couples who never miss a riot, the porn director who wants to change politics, the dreamers who have forgotten what it’s like to dream and the professionals who sell their souls for extra cash.

This documentary takes you to some of the darker places of the crisis, but reminds you where you can find the light.


BBC Travel: Sleeping on stilts in the Amazon

Amazon, Brazil. A village on stilts.

Amazon, Brazil. A village on stilts.

As 75-year-old villager Antônio Gomes told us stories of growing up in Boca do Mamirauá, a tiny settlement in the northern Amazon rainforest, I tried to ignore the tiny blue flies biting through my trousers. Despite my interest in hearing how locals survive in this remote part of the Brazilian rainforest, now a part of the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, I was grateful to escape when he finished, finding refuge in one of the tall wooden houses.

The houses hover some 3m above the ground. They are not unusual: almost everything in the Mamirauá reserve is on stilts, even the chicken coop. It has to be. Although much of Brazil is currently suffering one of the worst droughts in decades, this part of the Amazon is almost completely flooded for the six-month wet season. By April, the end of the rainy season, the river rises up to 10m high and overflows its banks. As a result, all living things in the forest, including locals, must adopt an amphibious lifestyle. Even the jaguars have learned to adapt by living in tree branches when the floods arrive.

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BBC Online: Cookisto – A new Greek way of getting dinner

Foteini Mangana, a Cookisto cook, and her spinach pie

Foteini Mangana, a Cookisto cook, and her spinach pie

The traditional way of getting dinner is buy food and cook it, or to go to a restaurant. But what if someone in a nearby street has cooked more than they need and is ready to share it for a small fee? It’s already happening in the Greek capital and will soon be starting in London.

It’s time for Marilena Zachou to get up, make a Greek coffee, get the kids fed and off to school. And when the peace and quiet descends at 10am, the cooking begins. Today it is moussaka.

She gently fries the onion and minced lamb in olive oil. She reaches for the pepper, salt, paprika and tomatoes and inhales as the aroma fills the kitchen and escapes from the windows and out into the street.

She uploads details of the dish and watches the screen as people from the area order their portions.

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