History in the making – My short doc on Syriza win

What an amazing thing.. to witness history being written in front of your eyes. And not only that, but to be able to record it in video for future generations to see. In January the radical left party Syriza won the Greek election. It promised change, an end to austerity and hope. It had 22 days to win over the public and this is how they did it. I followed Syriza’s activists, candidates and leadership from the waterfront, to remote mountain villages, to the nail biting final days. I made some amazing Greek colleagues along the way who helped put together the final 15 min cut. You can watch it HERE:


2 thoughts on “History in the making – My short doc on Syriza win

  1. Congratulations – wonderful stuff.

    Amazing to think that, as I was a kid growing up, I hated nothing more than politics. (Well, maybe just boxing, horse racing and Sunday mornings when there was nothing on TV).

    But this 15-minute film of yours sums up what it’s all about… change, ideas and – above all – people. Those who haven’t got time for politics haven’t got time for life.

    Obviously now things are at another critical juncture. Will you be making a 2.0 version of ‘The End of Austerity?’ ? And, one day before too long, will you be able to make an episode whose title doesn’t need the question mark at the end?

    Very best wishes,


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